Wholesale Pack 2017-2018

Founder & Chandler Warren Short       direct contact: 07809 118 206        email: [email protected]

Founder, Warren Short, candle chandler and fragrance expert, raised in Durban South Africa, followed a World Champion career as a Barefoot Water-skier and immigrated to England in early 2000. A passion for candle making in the traditional way had always been a relaxing hobby until a few commercial clients wanted production ramping up and it all had to be taken seriously.


Proud of our Suffolk origins this reflects our brand name and logo. The wolf features heavily in the story of St Edmunds who after being killed on 20 November 869 was beheaded and thrown into the forest. Legend has it that a wolf stood guard over Edmunds head until it could be reunited with its body. Our Mr Wolf brings his own sophistication to the ancient story of St Edmunds and we like to think he would approve of the 21st century update.

Candlebury went officially commercial in August 2017 after 18 months of product design and development, successfully launching the signature range of pillar and votive candles. Combing the finest waxes and essential oils we have produce a range of visually beautiful, tactile, fragrantly fresh candles, that are proudly British.

Our Philosophy

This statement from our founder perfectly sums up our philosophy Candles; and fragrance combe two passions, each candle is hand poured and my obsession for quality produces the finest candles in Suffolk. We are proudly a British company producing the highest quality British products, using raw materials from British companies because we are part of the big society that supports British jobs and the British economy.


Pillar Candles

 October 2017                      Burn time               Price       RRP scented        Price       RRP unscented

S 75 x 100mm     50 hours                   £              £15.50                   £              £12.00

M 75 x 150mm     80 hours                  £              £24.00                   £              £18.00

L 75 x 200mm      110 hours                 £              £29.00                   £              £23.00


Fragrance Profiles

Signature: Fresh floral notes that will capture your heart as it did mine. A base of freshly picked freesias, a cheerful bouquet with a peppery zing and a citrus finish. An aroma that is intensely refreshing which carries itself like an elegant ballerina.

Mimosa: A frothy delicate scent with hints of almond and honey float with freshly peeled oranges. Mimosa literally means ‘to expand your life’ and has the spirit that captures a fun late afternoon in the sunshine.


Scented                 White                                      Unscented            Charcoal grey


Cloth dust bag for each product, logo collar at the base of the candle